About us

It all started over 29 years ago, because we believed that the best way to predict the future was to participate in its creation with hard work, ideas and ingenuity.

We established “BIGLA III” Ltd. in 1991 with the certainty that we could make our country more beautiful with high-end construction, based on sophisticated technology and quality execution of each detail. We hit the ground running, propelled forward by the dynamic of the decades. In the years since we began we have constructed tens of residential and business buildings. With the passing of the years our goals became bolder. We have proven that we are qualified to execute European projects and have entered the international market. In 2003, as a natural step in our development and in order to separate our construction and investment activities, we established BIGLA CONSULT Ltd. In 2011 we completed our vertical integration in the construction sphere with the establishment of “BIGLA TRANS” Ltd., which focuses on transport and building automation. Now we continue our development with perseverance. Good managerial practices, integrated standards and strong leadership give the company its vitality, but the ultimate quality and class come from trust. We are skilled at integrating members into our team, who then add their own value to the family business model we are developing.

Our credo is that corporate success is not an end in and of itself. It brings satisfaction when it is shared with the community, and has inherent social value. Our corporate history is made by our creations. We are proud to be construction leaders who stand behind every completed project with dignity and self-confidence. The unique character of each of our buildings, as well as the perfectionism which goes into its creation, form our professional image. National and international awards support this reputation. We remain faithful to our principles and continue to adhere to the strictest quality standards, which is proof of our strength, perseverance and resilience. We are convinced that our mission merits our hard work! We believe that we have built trust toward our companies, as reliable partners with a trademark of professionalism!

  • Boris Shalev


  • Krassimir Schalev

    /Co-Founder and Manager/

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  • e-mail: office@bigla3.com