"Trade and Logistics Center "B Key"" , Plovdiv

Trade and Logistics Center „B Key” Plovdiv
“B Key” Business Park is the first construction project in Plovdiv to be built according to the highest international standards. The land parcel has an area of 240 000 m2, with the possibility of an expansion to 360 000 m2. 1000 m of the façade are parallel with Polvdiv’s bypass road and two railway lines. The goal of the center is to provide modern, high-quality storage, office spaces and rental sales spaces. The most cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the energy efficiency sphere will be implemented in each building – photovoltaic modules (solar panels), geothermal heating, collection of rain water in reservoirs for the watering of grass and servicing the sanitary needs of the owners and tenants, LED lighting, BMS (Building management system), water management, etc.
The buildings will be erected using materials, which limit the loss of energy. Each of the rooms in the buildings can be modelled according to the wishes of the tenants/owners, in order to to best suit their needs.

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