"Residential Building "Mladost"" , Sofia

Area: 3 460 sq.m
Investor: Multytechnic Stroy
Project by: Architecture studio Skica
Construction: Bigla III
The building is located in a very attractive area in Sofia, because of its dynamically transforming surroundings, closeness to the city center, comfortable publick transportation nearby and a metrostation, well developed infrastructure of this quarter and park areas close by. There are 21 apartments. For the nessecary amount of parking spaces are used 4 hydraulic parking systems that provide 26 parking spaces in total. There is a terrace for each apartment with sun-protection architectural elements. Solar panels are located on the rooftops, which provide power supply for heeting the water of the apartments on the 6th and 7th residential floors. 

On the ground floor there are door's man's room, two commercial areas with storige and sanitary rooms for them, multifunctional area with changing rooms and service rooms for it. The multifunctional room will be used for training, joga, dancing, as well as for conferences, birthday parties and so on. There are changing rooms next to it, also a storige room, kitchen, tolets. The acces to the multifunctional room is ceparated. This entrance is also used for the two offices that are on the floor above it. At the residential area of the building are located 21 apartments: 8 one bedroom apartments, 7 two bedroom apartments and 6 three bedroom aparments.

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