"Residential Building "Izgrev"" , Sofia

Residential Building "Izgrev" – The building is located on two streets – Pimen Zografski str. and a newly designed street, built by BIGLAIII in the Dianabad neighborhood in Sofia. The building is the second wing of the already existing two-entrance residence building (Residential Building Pimen Zografski 14 and Residential Building Pimen Zografski16). It has seven overground floors and two under-roof floors. The ground floor has one entry hall, two offices and a passage to the inner courtyard, as well as overground parking with 11 spaces. The residential floors contain 16 apartments and the under-roof levels house two studio maisonettes. Parking spaces are provided both in the overground parking lot and underground parking garage, located under the building and courtyard. The building has a total floor area of 2912m 2 and has been in use since 2008, architect – Lyublena Puncheva.

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