"Renovation and reconstruction of Air Traffic Control Tower Burgas" , Burgas

The new functional purpose of part of the airport’s control tower’s area is the main change that was made.  The original concrete skeletal bearing structure is optimally preserved to the level of the large roof terrace on the second floor of the lower body of the building, while preserving the existing staircase with winding stairs at all levels.
The project plans a construction of a new third ground floor of the lower body, a roof over it and extension of a new staircase with an electric elevator on seven floors with underground shaft, taking into account the technological and functional requirements pursuant to the design assignment.
The reconstruction of the building includes the change of use of some areas (on the task of designing different floors and after discussions on site), building of new construction steel reinforced concrete washers and opening of the sealing of the lower body to build a new floor in the same contour of the third floor – with metal construction and light surrounding and interior walls, suspended ceiling of the rooms, and roof of metal beams.
A raster of the new facade panels of aluminum composite panels similar to the Etalbond type.
The cladding with aluminum composite panels create a modern and luxurious look and has an attractive appearance.
The new windows and showcases are made of aluminum with interrupted thermal bridge.
Given the functional and technological requirements of the contracting authority for use of the premises without interrupting the activities of workers in the building during the construction, designers have complied at their best.

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