"Railway Station Hotel Plovdiv" , Plovdiv

The hotel forms the western front of the square in front of the station. It connects the space in front of the station and the station via an inner courtyard garden which builds the main spatial-functional structure.
The hotel is three-star, apartment-type and is a five-and six-floor building, structured by a courtyard and a gallery around it that connects studios, apartments and hotel rooms. The vertical communications consist of two staircases and two panoramic elevators to the inner courtyard garden. On the ground floor to the courtyard are all public areas of the hotel-reception, lobby bar, snack bar and foyers.
In the underground level of the hotel there is a bar club with two halls - up to 100 seats, rooms serving the kitchen of the snack bar and technical premises.
The hotel consists of 57 studios, 4 apartments, 8 hotel rooms and one room for disadvantaged people. Capacity 150 beds.
Built-up area: 880 sq.m.
Total built-up area: 5478 sq.m.
Build-up area of the underground level: 872 sq.m.
Total built-up area of the building: 6350 sq.m.

The architecture of the building is subordinate to its spatial functionality, driven entirely by the rich and dynamic urban context.

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