"Mountain View Residence" Residential Building - Sofia, Lozenetz neighbourhood, Plana Planina str. – the multi-family residential building is located on a 692m2 property in Lozenetz on 19 Plana Planina str. The location is well connected and quiet at the same time, surrounded by low buildings and houses. The building has 5 floors, a basement with underground parking and a ground floor with indoor parking spaces. There are a total of ten apartments and 16 parking places. The building has a contemporary appearance in line with modern trends, while being cosy and comfortable to live in. 24-hour security, video surveillance, controlled access and maintenance of the common areas are planned.
Clicking on this link you can see the video for the building.

  • phone: +359 2 868 8005fax: +359 2 868 3095

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