"Muzeiko – Scientific-educational Center for Children with Amusement and Service Areas" , Sofia

Muzeiko, located in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, will be the first children’s museum in that country. Organized conceptually as a journey moving through time and space, visitors can three levels of exhibits in the 3 250 m2 facility. On the lowest level, children explore “the past” with exhibits based on archeology, geology and paleontology. The ground floor is “the present”, represented by hands-on displays about the natural environment contemporary cities. The top floor is dedicated to “the future” with interactive exhibitions featuring cutting-edge technologies and space travel. The museum’s architectural theme, “Little Mountains”, is an allusion to Bulgaria’s mountainous topography. The structure’s glass volume is broken by three sculptural forms, or “mountains”, each referencing through its color scheme and texture indigenous craft traditions in the country. One mountainous form features abstracted patterns inspired by textiles and embroidery, another by glazed ceramics, and the third by traditional wood carving. The museum utilizes large areas of glass to reveal the interior and leave an impression of openness and transparency about the activity contained within in contrast to most Bulgarian museums that appear imposing and monumental. A&A Architects, Sofia, are architects-of-record for the project. Interactivity also infuses the site which includes a science playground, a green roof and rooftop climbing wall, a rain garden, outdoor activity space and an amphitheater.

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