"Luxurious Residential Building B73" , Sofia

The building is situated in one of the most attractive areas in Sofia - Boulevard “James Boucher” №73 and this is where the name B73 comes from.
Marinela hotel (the former “Kempinski” hotel) is located nearby. There is a perfect balance between being close to the center and close to nature. South park and 
Borisova gradina park are equaly close. There are lots of 
restaurants, cafes, shops and supermarkets on James Boucher boulevard. You can get to B73 easy and fast from everywhere in Sofia. Metro station James Boucher is 250 meters away. 
 The idea behind the project B73 is to create a memorable building, in which the design and function work together in perfect balance. The used materials and technologies are of highest quality. The design and precission of performance resemble an automobile.
The project is done by one of the best companies in this field - Studio “STARH” Stanislavov Architects with chief architect - Svetoslav Stanislavov.
The space in which the building is situated is angular, with its northwest facade towards the street and its southeast facade towards the 
courtyard. The building has six floors and one basement floor. The ground floor and the last floor have two levels. All other floors have a height of 340 cm which makes them higher than the normative. The basement floor is used for a garage and has a high speed car elevator. The ground floor will be used for commercial purposes. All residential floors are situated with only one apartment each, four of them are with an area of 257 sq.m and one with an are of 383 sq.m. There is a spacious corridor, large living room with an area of 70 sq.m., exposed to three 
geographical directions. There are three bedrooms with closets and bathrooms, and a storage room. The biggest apartment is situated on the last floor. It has two levels that are 600 cm high in total and five bedrooms. A leading part of making the building’s plans is the entering of enough sunlight.  

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